Rather than buying an electric or hybrid vehicle, some owners carry out an electric car conversion, in which gasoline-stimulated engine is converted with an electric-stimulated one. Electric car conversions are generally known as do it yourself projects.

There are pre assembled kits or full do it yourself car electric conversion instruction for sale. Generally, all of the non engine parts of the vehicle are not changed- car body, safety features, breaks etc.


If you choose to transform your car to electric, there are some genuine advantages to the project. Rather than filling up at the gasoline station, you can plug in your car. Your carbon foot print will be eloquently reduced. The conversion process is naturally easy to do with some mechanical skills. Normally this process can run less than $15000 and could easily save you money in the long term.

Some more benefits:

-You can convert your car to electric in few days

-You can follow step by step conversion process

-You can travel up to 65 miles per hour

Most people are capable to convert their cars by themselves. The result of car conversion depends on how much the car weighs and how many batteries you use. Charging the car is not that expensive. You only need to plug in your car to charge.

Some disadvantages:

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