If the environment is important to you, you probably realize how harmful these large power companies can be to the environment. Some are nuclear power plants, others burn coal for power… they have many methods to produce power but almost every single one of them has negative side effects on mother Earth. Worst of all, all of these power companies are natural monopolies in their respective areas, so most people think that it’s hopeless to try to pull away from them. We all need electricity for our daily lives, so what choice to we have but to submit to the power companies? The answer is one of the best features on the Eco-friendly house of today: solar power!

Solar energy has been long sought after; almost all civilizations have mentioned the enormous power potential the sun’s solar energy holds since the beginning of time. Only in the past 20 years have we made real progress towards this goal of a completely renewable source, and only in the past few years has it become something the consumer can take part in. There are now companies everywhere that sell solar panel systems for your home, all already assembled. These systems usually work well, but the only draw back on them is the cost. These companies are gouging rates for such systems, so that only the rich and well off can afford them.

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