Property Inspection

When you’re buying a new home, you’re making a commitment for the long-term. You want to make sure that you and your family can live there in safety and comfort without worrying about the quality and structure of the building.

A professional building inspection can provide a thorough assessment of a home examining all areas, including the roof space, sub floor and external structures.

Before you purchase a new home, a pest inspection can be essential to identify any pest activity, in particular from termites, which may be causing internal damage to the structure of the property.

We recommend a professional pest inspection to ensure that the home you’re looking to buy isn’t one of them.

When you buy a new home you want to know that it will keep you and your family protected for many years to come. Rentokil’s property inspections give you the essential details you need to know about your potential purchase so you know whether it really is your dream home or a nightmare

When purchasing a property, a strata inspection can help to identify hidden costs.

It can highlight special levies, planned major works, past building problems or a broke body corporate, which could lead to more expenses for you in the long term.


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