Fumigation Services

AQIS Requirements

AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) is a government body whose main objective is to prevent the introduction and spread of pests and disease into and out of Australia.

Goods, vessels and people entering Australia have a responsibility to ensure the goods, commodities and themselves are pest and disease free.

Our fumigation services can assist your business to comply with AQIS requirements in fumigating certain materials as specified in an AQIS inspection.

All our treatments meet the AQIS standards and with 340 qualified pest control technicians located across the country we can deliver specialist fumigation solutions wherever you need it.

How AQIS Works

AQIS inspect certain risk materials coming into Australia and determine whether they require some type of fumigation or treatment – this is where Rentokil Fumigation and Quarantine can help. Importers should advise AQIS of goods coming into Australia and AQIS will determine whether they require some type of treatment.

Call Rentokil’s Fumigation Head Office on 1300 307 425 to discuss how our range of fumigation solutions can help you meet all AQIS requirements.

Do you operate shipment services, warehouse or inventory services? Well then, you must be aware of the entire Fumigation pest and rodent control related infestation issues that might affect your business in the near future! There are certain types of pest that invades important commodities such as food grains, oilseeds, spices, tobacco, pulses, extractions, timber and textile to list a few, and damage their quality and edibility. If you are new in this field or is not aware of such facts, then know that pest related issues destroy uncountable amount of inventories each year in Australia leaving companies incurring huge losses which could have been avoided with the necessary measures.

Why our Fumigation Pest Control Services Sydney?

Fortunately for you, I Love My Planet brings to you proficient fumigation process for rodents and pest control treatment.  Fumigation pest control treatment is one of the most effective curative controls to handle any pest related issue, even at the most fatal stages of insect development.

We have been offering fumigation services for many years in Sydney and as well as all over Australia. As a registered, licensed and insured pest control specialist, we provide the most efficient and reliable fumigation service to meet your needs.

If you want to protect your shipping, cargo, manufacturing, milling, bakery and agriculture business, we are the best service that you can get here in Sydney!

Contact us now if you are struggling with lethal pest related issues and require immediate and effective solution at cheap! Protect your bulk shipment from pests with our fumigation process and save millions of dollars’ worth of goods safely.


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