Textiles pests

Do you run a textile firm? Are you worried that pests are ruining your wool, mohair, silk, leather or feathers? The textile moths are so stealthy that it is difficult to be detected until they have caused severe damages! Check your items for any visible sign of infestation.
I Love My Planet is an efficient pest control service provider, specialising in efficient textile pest detection and elimination. We have a team of highly trained and professional pest control specialist, offering the most effective solution for your home, office or business to keep your items safe and secure from any unexpected and costly damages.
If you are unsure whether to call a pest control service, here are some signs that you should be enough to caution you:
• Cluster of beetles or moths gathered around a window opening, underneath the carpet or hidden around the furniture.
• Faces or shredded skin under the furniture, skirting’s or other corners of a room.
• Look for eggs of textile pests across the air ducts, cupboards, and wardrobes, under furniture as well as textiles and fabrics.
Contact us now if you are looking for a high-quality textile pest service!


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