Are you one of those person who is struggling with the nuisance of Silverfish but is not aware of it? Silverfish is a common household insect that are known for their destructive feeding
habits. If left untreated, they can cause severe damages to books, photos paintings, plasters and many other household items that are comprised of cellulose and starch.
These species of insects can survive in almost any kind of environment thriving in humid, dark and damp areas such as bathrooms, basement, attics and kitchens to name a few.
They appear silvery-blue in colour and have tiny scales in their body. They move in a wiggly motion and resemble that of a fish and hence the name Silverfish derived. They are also referred as fish moths and carpet sharks.
If you your home or business is infested with these damaging =insects, contact us immediately. We have wealth of experience and expertise to identify and deal with these insects with efficiency. We use eco-friendly products and are fully licensed and insured. Collect your free quote today!!


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