Are you facing problem with ants? Children cannot play in the lawn due to ant bites! A bit of leftover and the ants are crowding in and overflowing the kitchen! Ants can be a bit of a problem during the spring and summer time. They are sure to invade your home, office or business (especially food related) during these times of the year.
At I Love My Planet, we successfully get rid of these ants for good and restore safety and quality back to your life. We have the experience and expertise to trace and identify the main sources linked to the ants gateway and take initiatives to block their passage as well as eliminating the infestation.

Experienced Ants Pest Control Service Provider in Sydney

We have a team of highly experienced and skilled pest control specialist, adept at dealing with any kind of ant-related issue and successfully finding a solution for it. We have the access to the right equipment, eco-friendly and effective materials and are fully aware of the right techniques to get the job done efficiently. We are fully licensed and insured! Contact us now if you need help with ants or any other pest related issues!

At I Love My Planet Earth, we provide highly effective and reliable ants pest control in Sydney. You might think that ants are not disease carrying insects, but they actually are. Ants source their food from the garbage, dog faeces and other germ-prone areas and then carry harmful bacteria into your home. Ants may be seen to be more of an annoyance but can cause problems including uncomfortable bites, unsightly ant trails and dirt mounds.

To get rid your house of ant infestation, don’t look beyond I Love My Planet Earth. We provide efficient and affordable ant pest control across Sydney. Our highly experienced exterminators use the best products, right techniques and control methods to demolish ant colonies and also make sure the problem do not reappear again.

Fully Trained And Licensed Ant Pest Control Team

Most common types of ants found in Sydney include Black Ants, Coastal Brown Ants, Argentine Ants and Bull Ants. While ants themselves are not disease ridden insects but they are disease carriers – bringing in harmful germs into your house.  For instance, Coastal Brown Ants can bring in disease organisms like smallpox and dysentery, along with harmful bacteria like Salmonella. Our fully trained and licensed exterminators are highly experienced and have knowledge about the habits of several species of ants. They use the best control methods and techniques to rid your property of harmful ants.

Quick, Reliable And Highly Effective Ants Control Treatment

At I Love My Planet, we have extensive knowledge about all the problems caused by ants and so our highly efficient team have developed the most effective techniques of ant pest control in Sydney.

We conduct through on-site surveys to detect the entry points. Moving ahead we properly seal all the possible entry points from where ants can enter your property. Once the entry points are sealed, our team destroys all the existing ants in your property by using eco-friendly professional grade insecticides. While conducting black ants infestation treatment in Sydney, we give topmost priority to safety so that no harm is caused to you and your family members. Our team also removes the trail of scent left behind by the ants so that they cannot reappear in your property over the course of time.

Having an ant problem in your property? Don’t want it to escalate into a serious problem? Call us on 1800 175 263 today.


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