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Pest Management and Treatment Plan

All homes have more than one problem pest. We offer the Pest Management and Treatment plan as our do my college homework best service offering to clients to solve their pest problems. We look after your family and your home. We first gather information about the pest issues though an observation or inspection. Secondly we analyse the results, produce a report, check or plan to solve the problem pests. Finally we then we treat the pests. We follow up with a prevention report and prevention remedies to stop pests from returning. We can offer a much shorter less involved process using the Pest Management and Treatment Plan at a lower cost, but we do offer you the premium version first, because we we believe this is the best opportunity you have of living in an low pest or ZERO pest environment. For maximum protection we offer the Pest Management and Treatment Plan as a 12 quarter process to ensure you get the most from I Love My Planet Earth. The investment in your home is $99 +GST per month charged monthly over 12 quarters. At then end of 12 quarters it will automatically renew. The first monthly payment is chiefessays.net due 30 days after the initial visit. The initial visit is $87 +GST. You can choose not to continue any time, just email customer service of your intent to opt out of the Pest Management and Treatment Plan. customer.service@ilovemyplanet.earth


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