One of the best things a person can do to help our suffering planet is to plant a tree. Yes, one tree can make a real change. If you ask yourself how one tree can make a difference, please read the next few paragraphs. A single tree means much more than what it may seem.

Trees generate a lot of oxygen and release it to our atmosphere. It’s difficult to imagine a large quantity of oxygen, so it makes it easier to grasp when translated into the all encompassing currency – money, or more precisely, the US dollar. In a lifetime, one tree generates $31,250 worth of oxygen. Now, that’s a big number, right? But it’s far from being the sole contribution.

Trees also clear our air by absorbing air pollution. And they clean a lot of air. Again, to put this into perspective, the easiest way is to quantify air pollution control in monetized terms. Be prepared for another big number here… In a life time, a single tree provides $62,000 worth of air pollution control. Nice. Now take another breathe, because it’s not all yet.

Trees also recycle water by absorbing them and using them again and again. Put a dollar value to this process, and you get that one tree recycles in its lifetime $37,500 worth of water. And the same process goes for the soil – the tree’s roots hold the earth together literally and prevent precious soil erosion. By now I guess you’re asking, well, how much? And the answer is staggering. In a life time, one tree controls $31,250 worth of soil erosion.

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